Why rent a tent when you can hire a portable palace?

Bohemia Canvas were incredibly proud to be chosen to work with the team at Hampton Court and Historic Royal Palaces to re-create one of King Henry VIII’s Portable Palace Tents.

Did this pave the way to the modern day party space?

At Bohemia Canvas we are dedicated to continuing this ancient craft – translating architecture into temporary structures and expanding our designs to offer an unrivalled array of beautiful Tents.

A sometimes-forgotten aspect of Henry VIII’s reign was his architectural patronage of innovative timber framed portable structures. The King and his Office for Tents and Revels were no strangers to creating elaborate structures that mirrored the exuberant and extravagant pageantry of the royal court.

Look to see how our own Grand Pavilion and Orangery range, along with a new season of classic printed linings, continues to evolve to offer more possibilities than ever.