Bringing the Outdoors in

“Whether using a marquee as an extension of a property or a standalone structure, it’s important that it blends seamlessly into its surroundings and complements the landscape – and bringing the outdoors in is a great way to achieve this. Just as we try to create tranquil green spaces in the home with houseplants and earthy tones, wedding and events spaces are following suit. We’re experiencing huge demand for wooden-framed, natural canvas structures that feature wooden flooring and botanical-print cotton linings. Greenery is also being used in new and creative ways outside of the traditional table setting; from dressing the tent beams with leafy foliage, to incorporating beautiful displays of plants and trees as the centrepiece or entranceway to the marquee.”


Every space is unique and carries your signature. We regard our tents as a celebratory art form and an opportunity for expression, a blank canvas on which to paint your story.

Our linings are designed in-house and produced by screen and block printers in Jaipur, using only natural pigments and cloths – watch the movie to see how it’s done.

Silkscreen Linings
Stork Lining
Stork Tent Lining

Every Tent has its Lining

Not to be underestimated, the decorative linings of a tent or marquee can significantly influence the overall look & feel of the interior space, together with the broader display of props, furnishings and decorations. Depending on the choice of structure, linings can often be customised for both the borders and the roof, offering greater opportunity to experiment with styles and colour schemes.

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Fern Roof Lining


Trending designs include a fabulous array of delicate botanical artwork as well as crustacea and vintage vegetable prints. Classical and floral styles inspired by Edwardian wallpapers and of ancient mogul drawings are also increasingly popular.