Sustainability & Craftsmanship

We design and manufacture all our structures in the UK and are fortunate to be able to utilise skilled local craftspeople. We use locally sourced materials wherever possible and only sustainably sourced timber.

An almost ‘lost art’ in craftsmanship

Tent making is inherently a celebration of related ancient crafts like sailing cloth making, rope work and joinery. Processes that are in danger of being lost in the digital age.



There are a diminishing number of traditional family run marquee manufacturers and we recognise the wealth of expertise they have to offer. Alongside new techniques and advances in wood technology, we strive to harness preserve the ancient skills and craftmanship developed across generations.

Channelling these skills in to our manufacture processes ensures that these tried and tested methods stand the test of time.


We transfer the aesthetics of permanent architecture into temporary spaces with the highest structural integrity.



Many of our structures incorporate a  modular system designed and developed by Bohemia over the last 25 years.

This allows structures to be reconfigured or increased in size to cater for demand or incorporate bespoke and individual features.

Temporary or semi permanent theses structures have the capacity to stay erected for long periods of time or disappear in a day.

They can be joined and configured in a myriad of different ways or tailored to fit a space.